When transporting frozen or perishable goods, an unbroken cold chain from point of origin to final destination is vital. At Trans Ocean, we understand this and our perishables logistics experts are on hand to help you.

By combining our perishables expertise, global reach, freight forwarding experience and leadership in supply chain management, we create tailor-made perishables logistics solutions to meet you and your customers’ requirements.

Cargo care
At Trans Ocean, we understand the importance of cargo care. We ensure that your cargo travels in an unbroken cold chain from the point of origin to the final destination, in close coordination with leading perishables container carriers and service providers.

Global team of perishables experts
Our global team of specialists offers customised perishables solutions, ranging from single corridor port-to-port to multiple corridor door-to-door solutions with full end-to-end visibility. Supported by a strong team of local perishables logistics experts around the world, we strive to keep our organisation at the forefront of market and technology developments within the perishables sector.