Growers & Exporters

The fastest way to increase profitability is to deliver direct

More and more retailers want to source fresh produce directly from the growers in order to reduce supply chain costs, ensure product availability, and improve quality and shelf life.

As your supply chain develops, you can increase profitability by reducing intermediary dependency, as well as optimising logistics and transportation costs.

Trans Ocean Fresh Produce Direct is designed to make this possible; starting the cold chain at the farm, improving insurance, securing ocean and airfreight space allocation and ensuring service and cost transparency.

Stop delivering to port, start delivering to door
Trans Ocean Fresh Produce Direct is an end-to-end logistics solution designed to help grower exporters of fresh produce deliver directly to wholesalers and retailers around the world.

You will experience the following benefits, whilst mitigating the risks that are normally connected with this type of logistics approach:

  •     Increased reliability (more than 99%)
  •     Improved service (faster and more flexible)
  •     Reduced costs (by up to 20%)
  •     Reduced risk (optimal condition)
  •     Increased sustainability (less waste and CO2)
  •     Reduced complexity (one point of contact).