Mid-size Retail

Helping your overseas sourcing expand and evolve

Overseas markets continue to increase the range and quality of the products they produce, at a cost far below what is possible in established markets. Establishing relationships may be easy; however, keeping track of orders and new vendors on a daily basis is both expensive and risky.

At Damco, we manage the logistics for many leading retailers sourcing directly overseas, including lower cost locations such as inland China, India and Bangladesh. Our dedicated retail team is expert in the end-to-end logistics for direct sourcing.

Source directly with all of the benefits and none of the risks
Damco Retail Direct is an end-to-end logistics solution designed to help retailers source products directly overseas; more reliably, efficiently and with greater visibility.

You will experience the following benefits, whilst mitigating the risks that are normally connected with this type of logistics approach:

  •     Lower landed costs (by up to 20%)
  •     Improved sourcing flexibility (with lower risk)
  •     Reliable product supply (greater than 99%)
  •     Accurate end-to-end visibility (at SKU level)
  •     Ease of management and growth (one point of contact).